Commissioning, Laboratories Highlighted in ASHRAE 2015 Annual Conference


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Contact: Jodi Scott
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ATLANTA – The importance of building and system commissioning is highlighted in the Technical Program at the ASHRAE 2015 Annual Conference.

The Conference takes place June 27-July 1, at the Atlanta Hilton, Atlanta, Ga. To register or for more information, visit

The Conference Technical Program features a strong focus on the design, construction and operation of high performance buildings, refrigeration and the annual Research Summit. Laboratories, refrigeration, fundamentals, applications, systems and equipment round out the program.

The program features some 100 sessions, with more than 300 presenters and 104 paper presentations. It begins Sunday, June 28, and concludes Wednesday, July 1.
The most popular track, in terms of sessions submitted and sessions scheduled, is the Building Operation, Maintenance and Optimization/Commissioning Track, with 18 sessions.

“This represents almost 20 percent of the sessions at the conference and undoubtedly reflects the degree to which operation, maintenance and commissioning are now recognized as the most cost-effective way to save utility dollars and also as key factors in keeping buildings comfortable,” David Claridge, who is the Conference chair, said. “Another indicator of the broad interest in these topics is sponsorship of the 14 seminar/workshop and forum sessions in this track by 17 different technical committees and task groups.  Attendees will learn the latest in remote fault detection, big data analytics, instrumentation for efficient operation, load forecasting and more traditional topics such as tips on steam systems.”

The Conference also includes the first Laboratory Mini-Conference with eight sessions that resulted from a coordinated effort on the part of technical committee (TC) 9.10, Laboratory Systems, and related TCs to put together a comprehensive and high quality set of lab-focused programs, according to Claridge.

These sessions cover major laboratory design issues including disease prevention, biocontainment, ventilation upgrades, lab safety and high performance for energy efficiency and low water usage.  The Mini-Conference provides an unusual opportunity for attendees to simultaneously get a broad overview of laboratory HVAC issues as well as the latest on important laboratory HVAC issues.

Other tracks in the Technical Program are:

  • High Performance Buildings
  • HVAC&R Fundamentals and Applications
  • HVAC&R Systems and Equipment
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Modeling Throughout the Building Life Cycle
  • Moving Advanced Energy Design Guidance to the Mainstream
  • Research Summit

ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a global society advancing human well-being through sustainable technology for the built environment. The Society and its more than 50,000 members worldwide focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability. Through research, standards writing, publishing, certification and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today. More information can be found at

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